I Utterly Love You


It is late right now, love, and I think that if I slept, I’d dream of you.
It’s not because you’re one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever beheld,
or because you’re extremely clever in a way people won’t usually understand,
but because you know how to burn in your own light
in that frightening sea of sorrow.

 If there’s one thing I wish, it’s that you grow.
You’d grow gracefully and wonderfully,
like the way you are around the people who have your heart.
It’s that you become who you truly yearn to be.

I also wish that somehow,  in an odd, amazing sense,
you’d accept the fact that I love you, in ways
where I’d be there for you even if you don’t wish I wasn’t,
and I love every single flaw in you and see it as wonder.

Please, I solemnly beg, let yourself  be free.
Be liberated knowing that love,
in all its glory and downfalls, will carry on with you,
with hope along its side.
Please, be who will make you happy.

I love you,
in a love even I don’t understand,
so, don’t try to decipher it,
but let it guide you.
I love you so much.


It is without a doubt that my sanity has left me. I feel like it took a rocket to Saturn to go for a long vacation, or it possibly hopped on a comet and said “Adios, motherfuckers amigos! See you in a decade!”

To keep stable and not accidentally set of a bomb under my blanket, I go through what seems to be called ‘human interaction‘. Strange thing it is.

Here are a few miserable bits of it:

This is me, trying to focus. Trying and failing to study.


This is a game called 5 word stories. It’s a good icebreaker and
boredom destroyer.


So I said this joke to my mother. While I was laughing a bit too hard at my own joke,
she looked at me like she wanted to make me sleep outside of the house.


I was talking to my cousin. The word I meant to type was ‘thinking’.
I really love Germany. Please don’t murder me.



And this poem.


PUNS. Me and my love affair with puns.


Another joke. My mother almost hit me with the
broom she was holding this time.


Lesson of that day. Murder = My Dear


Cucumbers and pickles. Fun, fun, fun!






A lesson on ravens…


It gets serious here. Sad even.
But as everything is, there is a lesson that can be learned from this.


And then…






And in the end, there will always be hope.



Here’s To You


Here’s to the things I lost,
In the furious fire
And the clashing sea,
That drowned and burned
My beloved, my hated and my ecstasy.

Here’s to the things that hurt,
Like an iron bullet
Or an onyx knife,
May you make me stronger
Proving that there is more to life.

Here’s to the things that matter,
That shape my world
And calm my night,
Hoping that you’ll never leave
And always make things alright.

Here’s to the things I’ll always do,
In odd methods
And ridiculous voices
That I’ll never forget you
And still make crazy choices.

Here’s to the people I hate,
When you push me down
Or kick me aside,
Hoping you’ll be better
That you won’t be ruined by pride.

Here’s to the people I love,
In the hardest times,
And happiest days,
May you forever be right there,
And complete me in a thousand ways.

Giraffes and Luna

People  tend to get the different idea about us.
It’s totally annoying.
But whatever.
I’m making this for you anyway.


Your enamor over the color GREEN
is simply over used. I mean, Sab was
the girl obsessed with green before you.


Your tiny infatuation over those long-necked
cuties is as adorable as they are.
I mean, look at it:


So, basically, this is for Raffy and Raffy JR.

They truly are majestic creatures.
Cute, super tall , dotty.

Now aside from that, there’s your great love for our
dear friend Luna.

She truly is beauty, like
the love-child of
Adonis and Venus.

She illuminates the dark
and will never let you go,
so I entrust you,
my dear dear friend,
in her loving, protecting arms.


There are times like this
when I remember that
you’re there for me
like the moon is there
for the night.
Or like how it loves the
Sun ever so dearly.

For your humble knowledge,
I think you mean a lot
more to me,
even more then what
the stars mean to the moon.


This is for you, dorp.
Love, dweeb.



When is it proper
to love with a love
that is more than life
and to live a life
that is more than love?

When do you say
that a love is whole
like the way the sun
and the moon love so pure,
or like the sea loves the sky
that they share their color?

When will a love be true,
even truer than the sight
of the early morn as it is
the same as the feeling
of a setting sun?

When would I know
that your love is not
a lie like the way a
tiger’s silhouette is
as charming as a deer’s,
or the way a caterpillar
will slither forever?

I will live in a life
of love and bliss,
and I know it all be true
and it all be whole
for when you could have,
you had not done to
hurt me, so I know this
love with last, a love
longer than the shine of
my midnight stars.


For You


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day,
which falls in the middle of May?
I can’t seem to get you out of my head,
and I can’t bare your name to even be said.

You have a smile like the sun,
and your eyes can compare to none.
If I had all the world’s might,
I’d show you all delight.

All I want for you is life’s joy,
and yeah, I’m trying to be coy.
It’s because I really yearn for your smile,
‘cause it’s something worthwhile.

You’re nothing great,
you’re spectacular.
And I have all the faith
that you’ll go so far.

Tell the world hello for me,
and make sure to add that I very much love thee.