14 Kisses

tumblr_ktiziubNe01qzpe8uo1_500 Hey! That was Dutch for ‘Hello! How are you doing today?’. Sorry if you don’t understand it. I just really love Dutch along with other languages. I haven’t actually uttered a word in Dutch my whole life. I can’t even understand that without a translator! Well… I’m just odd I guess.

Anyway… I’m so so sorry! I haven’t posted in 17 bloody days! It’s because I have classes again and all those school-y stuff.

Inconsistency is so damn stupid. Oops.

So today, my friend, SD did something that almost made me faint.

You see, I’m the type of person who loves physical affection. As a sigh of love, platonic of course. And SD is well… not. She despises anything to do with that. Yet, today happened.

Just a regular day then she becomes hyper. Or what she calls, her ‘demonic spirit’. (As if, S.) She jumps, swings, the way she sing becomes very unrefined, all of which is her opposite. It’s such a big deal for me because seeing my bestfriend like that makes me happy. Then she kisses me on the cheek. 14 freaking times! Like…


My reaction:

asdfjklBilboHobbitFaint giphy tumblr_m8omcc8BcD1rwcc6bo1_500

I’m happy, freaking out, angry and every jumbled up emotion. Two words: Bloody OVERWHELMED!

I just want to end this as it is. And I loved her ‘demonic spirit’ earlier in the day, but alas it is gone. I love you S! I love you so friggin’ much. from the corner of my amygdala. And every other emotion, that is.



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