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A lot of people ask:
-Why are you obssessed over people who don’t exist?
-Why do you like fiction?
-Why do you still chase after it when it brakes you?

Well, I am obssessed over them because they have positivity. They live to the fullest and to their greatest, no matter the flaw. They give you hope and enlightment from their own weird, quirky world and life.
I like non-existing worlds because they live in amazing, ideal ways that makes you still want to stick around.
As I kept on saying before, I HATE REALITY. But it’s still real. I chase and chase till the end of the street because it’s worth it. Reality may be stupid, but it’s still my life. And in reality, when you get hurt, it leaves scars, unless you’re immune. But that only exists in fiction. And you may hide those hiddeous scars, but they are still there. When fiction hurts you, you cry, weep, sob, but you don’t get scared by it. Because it’s fiction, and it could exsist in any stupid, fun way you want it to.
For example if somone dies there, they could still live through our imagination and memory, and it does not physically hurt. But if someone dies here, you can’t do anything anymore. They’re gone. That’s the end of it. And it leaves one long, evil scar on your soul for as long as you stay real.


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