Red Flaming Hair


The wind was howling, furious with the world. The sand was damp from the dancing waters. Somewhere under the quilt of stars and screaming moon, with feet touching the edge of the sea, stood a girl with scarlet hair which swayed with the wind. Under the sweet lunar glow, she almost looked like a wolf with red flaming hair, calling at the sky.

She watched the stars for one last little moment and let the fresh saltwater tickle her toes and then she left. She wore her old beat up Chucks and walked away. A trail of shoe marks was the only thing left behind, forgotten. Everything else was vivid, shining and bright, remembered.

If looking close enough, her bright scorching hair was visible, slowly disappearing into the night. The clouds formed and a shadow was cast, as if the girl with red flaming hair left with ash and smoke following after her.


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