“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

But why? The action is already done. Hope, Faith, Love, Desire, all gone.

I have chosen to enter Hell, to enter Inferno, and I have already given up everything for it. Why else I journey?

Inferno is my haven, my world and my salvation.

I have already tried. I waited. I longed for my redemption, but alas, nothing. No change.

Now I am forever a sinner, a demon dancing by the fire with nothing but  hate flowing in my veins and chaos in my soul. There is no hope left in my heart. Nothing, except dark, pitch-black thoughts in my mind. Do as you must.

I enter Hell, not bold nor cowardly, neither wise nor ignorant, but empty , with nothing to gain or nothing to lose. Do as you please.

Do as you wish and let me burn, for I will burn bright and eventually, my flames with perish. Do as you wish.

Do all you must. Leave me hopeless.


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