Deep Dark Cold Trickery

Black Water

There was something in the heart of the waves, far away from the stable shore. It was calling me, like the melody of a solemn promise serenading me, inviting me to go through the waves and catch it. It promised a permanent joy, an everlasting happiness to brighten my dull, dull world. I, being the hopeless fool that I am deep down inside, started to swim towards it. The indigo waves were rough, pushing and pulling me like I was some kind of rope to be played with, but after a millennium of seconds, I reached it.
There was nothing. No song of delight or tune that vowed ecstasy, only deep, dirty blue waves that told me sorrow. It whispered misery, cried despair and screamed desolation. Then with nothing to hold me up, it pulled me down, quickly and silently, like a good, dignified death. I drowned, seeing the water turn into black murk, sinking into the darkness, the cold, cruel unlit darkness that thieved the breath away from me.

Help me from the deep. I am drowning.
Save me from the dark, I am suffocating.
Pull me from the cold. I am sinking.
Reach me from the trickery. I am shivering.
Rescue me from the reality. I am dying.

Make me content once more on the safe, white sand.
Don’t let me drown and set me free.


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