At the End of the Day


                At the end of the day, stars appear, the sun bids the sky goodbye and darkness reigns the heavens. At the end of the day, night becomes silent and full of peace or it dances vigorously with lively neon lights. No matter what happens, the day will always come to a halt. When the day has finally reached its peak, we rest our tired heads and close our drowsy eyes to sink away from the world, but we never just sleep. We venture into different words in different eras of different lives.  We don’t just shut our eyes tight and a moment later we open them and the sun is up and awake again. We don’t sleep. We dream. We dream of magical and extraordinary things. We dream of yellow seas and violet skies. We dream of doves that dance in the basking sunlight or wolves that sing under the glowing moon. We dream of things, not just remarkable, but also eccentrically odd, sometimes a bit insane. We dream. Sometimes, at the end of the day, no matter how exhausted we are, we don’t close our eyes to sleep. We close our eyes to dream, no matter how peculiar our dreams may be. Isn’t that why we dream?


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