Giraffes and Luna

People  tend to get the different idea about us.
It’s totally annoying.
But whatever.
I’m making this for you anyway.


Your enamor over the color GREEN
is simply over used. I mean, Sab was
the girl obsessed with green before you.


Your tiny infatuation over those long-necked
cuties is as adorable as they are.
I mean, look at it:


So, basically, this is for Raffy and Raffy JR.

They truly are majestic creatures.
Cute, super tall , dotty.

Now aside from that, there’s your great love for our
dear friend Luna.

She truly is beauty, like
the love-child of
Adonis and Venus.

She illuminates the dark
and will never let you go,
so I entrust you,
my dear dear friend,
in her loving, protecting arms.

There are times like this
when I remember that
you’re there for me
like the moon is there
for the night.
Or like how it loves the
Sun ever so dearly.

For your humble knowledge,
I think you mean a lot
more to me,
even more then what
the stars mean to the moon.

This is for you, dorp.
Love, dweeb.


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