Catching Up

Oh my goodness, it has been a long while.
I hope you haven’t forgotten me.



Remember me…
(-Clara Oswin Oswald)

I’ve been super busy.
I’ve been trying (failing, really) to get my grades up,
I’m taking charge over about 8 social media accounts,
I have a new writing place (which I’ll tell you about later),
I’m now part of a radio broadcasting show (also, later),
I have new fandoms,
I have new priorities,
I have new hobbies,
I have a new music taste (should be part of fandoms).

Basically, I have been ultra busy.


#1 THE SCHOOL PART (where sleeping is legend)


But then, you’re like:

My subjects are pretty easy, but somehow, I don’t get the highest grades.
And I know, I know, grades aren’t everything. BUT COME ON. Seeing them high would be like, a really nice thing.
And, it’s totally unfair. Because I’m that kid who is part of so many school activities; from swimming club to cooking contests to inter-school science and broadcasting contests to writing in the school newspaper, yet somehow, by the wish of the evil school system overlords, the numbers on my report card seem to be completely average, EVEN THE EXTRA-CURRICULAR ISN’T HIGH.

But, yes, yes. Grades aren’t everything. As long as what you do is your best and that you’re learning and enjoying, you’re doing alright.


#2 SOCIAL MEDIA (the place where you’re trapped in forever)


There’s this, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, (I shall consider:) YouTube and Spotify, and this blog, as well as another write-y place, and two extra accounts.
And I have learned, above all time wasting and artsy posting, consistency is bloody hard.

My goodness, managing life is hard.

1. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.
2. Naps are essential to move forward in all we do.



Until this becomes your motto:

Alright. So there’s this site called hitRECord. Actually, it’s a production company.
You can do all sorts of lovely things there, trust me.
Here’s the site if you’re interested.
(PS: Joe is going to introduce it to you)

hitRECORD (you got to watch the video)

So, yeah.
I’m more of a writer in the site, since I barely get to take any good pictures lately and stuff.
If you wanna check my stuff out, it’s all here. And I’m going to be posting some of my works from there  to here pretty soon. So y’all could see my heart spilled unto thy blog feed.


(in case you have decided to join)
[Ramona Flowers in hot. She makes me bi. Along with Dodie Clark.
Okay, shutting up now.]



You have probably heard of this, and if you truly have, you’re my new best friend.

It’s called UPK is Genius on Air.
We talk about all sorts of stuff.
Such as love,
favorite things,
sibling rivalries,
and the list goes ooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
It’s for all ages; for the young at heart and the old in soul.

Further information and episodes can be found here, and here, and here, and  here as well.

I would really appreciate it if you give our pages or accounts a like or follow.

tumblr_inline_mz1zq8NrXb1rs4nv6.gif (if you did so. :>)

#5 FANDOMS (my crazy fanatic domains)

In my laziness (which gets me absolutely no where, I know), I shall just provide a moving picture called ‘gif‘ by the modern humans for each fandom.




Obviously, I’m quite addicted to Doctor Who.
A perfect reason why you should be too.



That’s Sherlock trying to make fun of his friends.



These two universes simply destroy me.


I’ll just say the rest because #1 I’ll just get distracted and #2 I’m wasting your time.

Dodie Clark and Charlie McDonnell on YouTube
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson and all books that follow
I absolutely love indie movies
I listen to all sorts of music, from the 70’s to Twenty One Pilots to songs by YouTubers to EDM to… You get my point. But my favorite artists are Sleeping at Last, OneRepublic and Bastille.
(There are also other stuff. But yeah, BUSY).

#6 HOBBIES (for a hobbit like me)

I like writing, obviously.
(Under is the painful process of which.)


My favorite books are The Book Thief and The Graveyard Book.
But I love all books, classics, poetry and fantasy especially.

(I like to believe I’m that pretty when I dive and that magnificent when I swim, when the reality is that I look like a drowning dragonfly all the time.)

Noob Photography and Amateur Photo Editing.


Non Musical Music.

(When you think you’re cute like Stitch and Dodie but in reality, you’re Jesse singing with sunshine in the shower.)


Alright. Those are my hobbies.

#7 PRIORITIES (oh no)

This is supposed to be the part where I say I have my priorities sorted. It isn’t.

My prioritization and time management skills are shit, let me tell you that.
I’m always on the edge of sobbing an ocean of tears, I feel lost, and I am so busy that I don’t actually have a regular weekend (it’s Friday today, and I have a contest tomorrow and gift shopping as well as Mass on Sunday).


It actually means that you’re doing great, and so am I. Being busy and not knowing how to deal with it means that you’re human and that you’re utterly productive.
At least you’re writing a poem. At least your studying for your Spanish exam next Thursday. At least you’re trying your best.

You don’t have everything figured out, and that’s totally okay.
It means you’re making the most of your time, and that you’re a powerful human soul like the rest of them, you and I.

Ces’t la vie.

[I have run out of wise words.]

giphy (1).gif

Bye-bye!!! Thank you for dropping by!
(Till another time, yeah?)


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