Beginning to Finish


Spread my love,
unto the sky,
and unto the stars.

Lights will shine,
and flicker
as we live
in a world
of lightning and
of hope.

Sunshine and rain
are siblings
from a different world
who cannot
stay away
from each other.

Storm clouds
and thunder
are softer
and delicate,
just like butterflies
and mirrors
that want
to be noticed.

Tonight we live,
tomorrow we age.
It’s not
the same thing.

Catch the wind
in your fingertips
and the clouds
beneath your toes,
as it tickles
and hums
unto your skin.

Lines and twists
make everything
a little better
as fog and smoke
make everything
a little

There are vines
between her
that like to grown
into daises
and tiny roses.

If moments
were snowflakes
and minutes
were sand,
than the world
would never
stop collapsing
against itself.

Buttons in your pocket
and autumn leaves
on your head,
look like a
by the mad.

Like a robin
who sings
a song
to the barren trees,
you’re a savior
to the drowning.

Feeling like summer,
shaking like winter,
fire and ice
go together
like ashes
and hail.

Unlimited drops
of mud
from when
you once
we were

Skip a step,
jump a mile,
the farther you go
the closer it follows,
like shadows
under sunlight.

Sudden looks
and sullen ticks
in a room
full of people
is like a
house full
of nobody.

Know nobody,
at the end
of the day,
as enigmas
live and learn
of to hide things

Forget to remember
of bad things;
at the peak of
this hill,
we’re all
flesh and bones
in His eyes.

Stay away
from muck,
from dust,
from cinders.
They cover
you with
filth and

Release your forgiveness
into a world
crawling and creeping
with sin,
for every inch
will need

Beginning to finish
is similar to
seeing clouds
on a hot, sunny day.
All was lovely,
all was fair,
yet all is to end.

Misfortune is lucky
to have coincidence
and inconsistency
as good friends.

It seems full
of words,
of love.



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