Sick of Losing You


My hair
is a mess,
but I cannot find
my fingers to
purposely ruin
the flowers you
braided in them.

Can you try
and make my
feeling of
last a little
doesn’t exist.

Oh no,
we find ourselves
here again
and I notice
myself thinking
of you in this
really sweet way
I shouldn’t.
Can you help
me change my
mind, because
I am so confused,
it hurts
my human brain.

Help me,
and take me
away into
a city of

Maybe you
can stop
sending me
your stupidly
rehearsed lines
and start showing
me the unscripted
part of your heart.

My night
cannot begin.
I feel so
hallow without
you asking me
how I am
every five minutes.

How can I
win in this
little, sad game
of chess if
you keep
on breaking
my struggling
defenses down
with your
little knight?

Cold night,
dark room,
I can’t see
your silver
eyes, but
I can feel
you watch
me look
at you.

Follow me
into the sea,
into the storm,
into our salvation.

We’ve forgotten
about our torn,
ancient roots
and built a
shaky foundation
on common,
white sand.

Don’t mess up
like I did,
and fall in love
with the
restricted soul.

We’ve chained
our hearts together,
locked them tight
and released the
key into
the wild,
wild, wind.

You’re driving me crazy,
hanging on thin strings,
saving me and holding
on infinitely.

Please don’t throw
away my grey skies.
Please don’t walk
away when we’re together,
I’ll be there for you,
even if staying with you
will give me wings
and an irregular heartbeat.

And then that’s
when I realized
that the thought
of you ruined
the very living
expression in
my soul.

What an odd
being you are.
Can I keep
you with me
forever, and
you’ll warm up
my cold,

Instead of blood,
nectar flows in
your veins,
and sweet rain
leaks out of your
fragile eyes.

You burn the
ice out of
my heart,
I can feel
holes scotching
through me.



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