Unstable Sanctuary


Just you wait,
my long lost love.
I will come home.
I will be back.
Just you wait.
I will be home.

My life depends
on the sky and
the sea, on music
and passion,
on poetry and
forgotten dreams.

I think I
within your
tangled promises
and unsolved

Why the fuck
am I not
enough for
all of you?

I offer my heart,
and you take it
with this mad
grin on your
face and leave
without a word.

I’m sick of
giving you
what should
have been
my greatest
Now my heart
is an artifact
I’ll never
get to see again.

Trust me,
please trust me,
my darling.
I will never
ever wrong you.
I swear that
on my life.
Please trust me.

Look around,
go on and
tell me what
you see.

I can feel
when I hold
your hand,
and I am
blessed with
the philosophy
of the doubtless
when you kiss me.

Luck is for
people who
believe in
dreams that
never come true.
Patience is for
the just and
the kindhearted.
I am neither.

Join me in
the revolution
to freedom.
I want to
be able to
express myself
and tell you
how much
I love you
being stuck
in the chest.

Yes, I am yours.
Yes, I am mine.
No, I am not nobody’s.
No, I am not a prisoner.
Yes, I am free.
No, I am happy.

It took me
a million
to muster
three words
to tell you,
and I get

Peace is
a stable
in a world
of chaotic

You are my
safe place,
my home in
faraway lands,
and my sanctuary
in a world I
cannot bare

I must confess,
sometimes I feel
empty when I am
with you,
other times,
you complete me.
The confusion
hurts my brain,
my chest, and
most tragically,
my soul.

I am jealous
of you and
your new lover,
who you’ve been
with for months
and month on end.
It’s stupid, really,
because we never
really had a history
together. I merely
asked you to
wait and you didn’t.

I have figured that
I must learn
how to fall
in love with
those who love me,
and not ask
for those I
love to
love me back.



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