What Happened


Tell me your
deepest dreams,
and your darkest
delights, and
I’ll tell you about
my mundane
madness and
my undying love
for you.

I miss the
melody of
your laughter
and your humming
each morning
I wake up.

I think I
made the
biggest mistake
of taking
you for granted.

Lean on me,
and I’ll hold you
in this unbalanced
society of
the perfect
and of
the peculiar.

I’m so human
to have fallen
in love with
your perfect

Somewhere we
have a paradise
waiting for us.
we’ll find it.

It will be
just the two
of us, when
this day ends.

How dare
you trust
your heart
and fall
in love
with me?

Now the day
shall be
reborn from
our mistakes
and burn
with the passion
for a better light
in its bright center.

I miss you,
my darling.
Oh, how
I miss how
we’ve been together.

We were
It was just
you and me
against our
What happened?

This isn’t
how we used
to be. We used
to be fun,
infinite. Now we’re
limited and
and I have
never needed
you more.

Let’s not
waste this
time together,
our worlds
won’t last forever.

I’ll be waiting
for you until
we meet again,
oh my darling.
I’ll be here
when you
will be
against your
Just learn
to fight
without me.

Don’t try to
fight it
when angels
try to comfort
you in the midst
of terror. Just try
to get by
that not all
have wings.

I love everything
you do, when
you sing me
to sleep
and wake me
up with a kiss.
I wish everyday
can be
spent with

Tell me
what to
do to make
it all feel
I lost
my wings.

It’s okay,
my love.
I’ve never
had wings
of my own.
I can teach
you how
to fly even
without them.

And my friends
don’t know what
friends are.
And tonight
I think I’m going
to war… for my lover.
You’re in love with
another girl.




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