Lost and Found


There is hope
in all that we
do, some lost
and some found.

You are my
lightning and
I your heavy thunder.
Together we
make the
heavens storm.

Maybe we
will go on
adventure together,
someday, someday.

I can’t help
but get lost
in your eyes.

Can you hear
the angels sing
for us tonight?

You are my unstable
grace upon midnight
of push and pull misery.

Maybe I was wrong
to lose you.

I need to
find you
before they do.

There is a
map to my
tattered little
heart written
on my skin
in your kisses,
marked with
dry lips.

You are my
faith, my hope,
my immortal grace.

I am nothing without
you. Please come back.

There are moments
when I wish I
hadn’t met you
at all.

You were
right to lose
me to my
own misery.

I need to find
a way to
without you.

Can you
teach me
how to

we weren’t
supposed to be
together in the
first place.

There are
across your body
that I remember
by heart.

You need to
look for me.
I left my
broken heart
as a clue.

I have to
kiss you
before I go.

There is immortality
in every single kiss
you have ever given me.

Maybe the map
you left me to
find you wasn’t
for me but for yourself.

You are the gravity
that stars long to touch.

I am
and broken
without you.

Can I at least
know your
before you go?

There are secrets
I cannot tell you,
secrets that are kept
hidden for your own good.

I was on my
way to find you
when you found me.

You really
are lost in
yourself, aren’t you?

Maybe the stars
are too far to
find. But why
do I see stars
every time I
look into your eyes?

After I have
found you,
after we
have found the
starts, after I have
lost you and
you have lost me,
can we still be friends?



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