A List of My Lies

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I miss you.

I love you.

She used to
love me, and I
used to think that
I loved her.

I told him
that he was
my closest friend.

We were in love.

There are moments
when I just feel so happy.

I don’t love him
that way anymore.

I did not ruin her,
she ruined me.

We could have loved
with a love better than love.

There were laid,
happy and infinite.

Time will heal
us, okay?

There was no better
sanctuary than our own.

I felt safe in your arms.

You were
my everything;
my light, my oxygen,
my passion, my reason.

The memory of
us together pains me.

There are times
when I wish you
are still here
beside me.

We share an
endless love.

I will never stop
falling in love
with you.

Even the sky
and the sea
will not keep us

You are my
sea song melody.

Here lies a list
of my biggest realities.

I’m fine.

You don’t
have to be
here for me.

It’s okay,
I understand.

No, you’re enough.

Yes, I need you.

I am contented
with just you.

I’ll stop
hurting myself.

I wouldn’t miss
anything in the
world for this.

Change is fiction
to the way we love.

I have never loved
anyone as much as
I love you right now.

You are the best thing
that has ever happened
to me.

I am happy,
and today had been okay.

You don’t need
to help me.
I can do this
without you.

Nothing is wrong.

I promise.

I wish I had
to spend every day
with you.

This is for you,
not me.

I want what’s
best for you.

You have never
hurt me, okay?
Stop thinking
like that.

I have never
been assaulted
by those I love.

Love is a promise.

I am confident of
who I am.

You don’t have
to worry about me.

I’ve got it
under control.

I don’t miss you.

I don’t love you.

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