Human Nature


Today is not
the day to
save the

Maybe before
we can save the world,
we can save ourselves.

I believe in
a new beginning
and a tragic ending.

You are somewhere
in between living
and dying from
your own thoughts.

It’s always
better to hold
your hand than
to let go.

Memories look
too precious
to be a real

Do you hear
me amongst
this painful storm?

Across the water
will be our paradise,
and in our hearts
are the sails.

I am lucky
to have found
you in an ocean
of dirty smiles
and rugged souls.

Every time we
say goodbye,
a hallow feeling
fills my chest.

Rub your hands
together in hopes
to warm my iced heart.

Save me from
my demons, and
I’ll take care of
your angels.

I cannot tell
you how much
you mean to me,
words won’t do
my promises any

Every single
human is a
champion in
their own right,
for every other
step we reach is
another milestone.

In your eyes
there are mountains,
and oceans, and skylines,
and I cannot stop staring.

Navigate through these
weeds and find the
beauty I hide within.

I will love you
forever, but
only in the start.

you are a miracle.

Take it easy,
you are young
and strong, and
I am old and frail.

Live high,
look down.
Breathe in,
breathe out.

Wake up from
your selfish ambitions
and start moving toward them.

I need to
find my hope
within you.

Strum my
and create a
story out
of the melody.

Wait for me
to come back to
you. I promise,
I will.

I find my
cyanide happiness
right by your side.

Our lives are
impeccable damages
that we ruin all the more.

Here we are,
all of us shaded
by our own mistakes.

Golden freckles and
constellation eyes,
you are the masterpiece
of this lifetime.

Our bodies pressed
together is the unwritten
cosmic paradox of this era.

The world does not
need saving, but I do.



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