The Lost Exploration

There is
under your

The feeling
of skin against
mine is silent hope.

Our lips
collided like
stars touching
the earth for
the last time.

There are
galaxies dancing
in your sad, sad eyes.

The wind and rain
sing a melody of
forgotten forevers.

Stay in my
arms and
I will be
your broken
home in

Hold me
through this
storm, I will
protect you
in this raging

we fight and lose
each other.
Maybe we can
find our way back
with a new heart
of hope.

Your fingertips
are constellations,
and your lips are
nebulas I yet have
to explore.

I cannot
see a future
without you
in it.

Your secrets
are comets that
fall into the
vicinity of my
affections all
too perfectly.

That dream
you’re flying
crashes right
into me.

She wakes me up,
she breaks me up,
she lifts me up.

I have yet to
fall in love
with your sins,
and yet have to
forgive your

The moon
whispers the
secret of living.

You shy away
from the sky
like it was not
your first love.

I’ll write the
vows of affection
in the rugged
galaxy of our youth.

Dive into the
vacuum of my heart.

I sort of
like to throw
away myself
and live in the
emptiness of space.


You’re safe,
I promise
you always
will be.

I am so
scared of
your judgment.

Sorry for
letting you

There is
in the space
around you.

There is a
scar in our
shooting start.

I will
never wage
a war with
your past,
but make
peace with
our future.

I cannot see
myself as a
shining star,
unlike you.

Your laughter is all I
need to feel better.

Save me from the
blackness growing
from within me.

The sun will
never dance
the way she
used to without
you by my side.

I belong to the
earth and you to
the sky, but you
have brought me
heaven despite
all of this.

One day we
will be gray,
wandered and


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