Poison Wings

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I am home,
but I have never
felt so lost in myself.

My wings are stronger
than my bones.
My bones are stronger
than my heart.

Oblivion is a song
we refuse to deafen
ourselves from.

You are lost.
You are wandering.
You are found.

Oh only angel of mine,
hold me through this firestorm,
capture my fragile heart with your wings.

Tell me what to smoke,
tell me what to drink.
Your heart is in my chest
and I need to find a cure
to let it breathe again.

Our bodies colliding
again and again is danger,
but never an accident.

Light me up
like one of your
cheap cigarettes.

I remember you
telling me once
that I am your home.

Keep yourself together.

I can feel the drumming
of your heart ring against
your cold, cold fingertips.

Down the hall,
down the aisle,
down the grave,
we go down together.

I am not mended
but I have my pieces.

There is a solemn sanctuary
around us when your arms
are around me.

Sweet creature, gentle beast,
hold me close, hold me quietly.
Anything, just hold me.

I don’t know
how to love you
like the way you
want me to.

Bring me home
to where we belong.

Your touch is
stronger than
vodka and cocaine

Every time I am close
to you, I feel like a sinner
against my own virtues.

Pick your poison,
me or yourself?

How am I going
to find myself
back home when
you are ever moving?

When I am alone,
I think of you,
and I feel more alone.

Don’t open your eyes.
Listen to my skin,
touch my heart,
taste my senses.

I am intoxicated
by how safe I feel
around you.

I am your nicotine,
breathe me in.
I am your alcohol,
drink me quick.

Darling angel,
when we stop lying
to each other?

Nothing is ever nothing,
but I am empty without
your wings around me.

You are my broken home,
and you will always
be enough.

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