What is
song without silence,
love without hate,
peace without war?

Nothing is
simple in this
collision course
of slow lovers.

the dark is
too bright
without you.

Come home
to the sea,
come home
to the sky.
Come home
to my embrace.

Take the
stars away
from me,
take the
waves away
from me,
just never
take back
your heart.

Your beauty is
like the sun,
radiant, powerful,


The moon will
howl in longing,
for the stars,
for the sun,
for anyone.

Your fingers
trace my scars,
burning my skin,
healing my heart.

The sun will rain,
and clouds will shine
when you find your way
right back to me.

Loving you
is slow suicide.

Tell me why
nobody will
ever love me
the same way.

Far away,
light-years apart,
there is a world
where I can live
alone and happy.

We are not easy,
we are scarred,
we are crumbling,
we are chaotic.

Look at me
with your lips
and kiss me
with your eyes.

I hate your everything.
I hate the way you smile,
the way you laugh,
the way you keep faith.
I hate that I might
truly love you.

Hearts wear out,
souls grow dim,
love falls apart.

I miss you,
I want you,
I need you.

Blinding darkness,
love of mine, please.
Please keep me safe.

This is our
paradise lost,
a love never lasting,
hurt everlasting.

I fear tomorrow,
yearn yesterday.
Today is unspeakable.

You used to fall
asleep in my arms.
I used to dream for
those nights to last.

Fire and ice,
both burn
the heart,
the hands,
the intertwined.

This is, was,
never strong
enough to stay
alive through the

Upon reckless kisses,
and accidental touches,
my love was never fake,
it was never a mistake.

Truth is the
epitome of
false satisfaction.

The hollowness
inside me will not
allow anyone else
to fill it but you.

I cannot
breathe alone.

What am I
without you?



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