Nightmare Harmony

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You are a
of reason my
heart must confront.

Choose a drug;
love or freedom?

Sing to me,
my darling angel.

You are a destructive
elixir, made for the
weak of heart.

Your voice is perfection,
your song is comfort.

Help me,
I am rage,
I am crumbling.
Help me,
I am fire,
I am ash.

Your comely
is my safety net.

A melody of
memories haunt
me into falling
in love with you
all over again.

You are real,
I need to find you.

You slaughter
my dreams
into wanting
to exist.

Hold on to
our fading

Encompass me
with your voice,
in your song,

Look into my
eyes and tell me
that I am dreaming.

You are the
reason I look
forward for

Whenever I blink,
your image surrounds
my head.

Find your
way to me
in this cyclone
of noise.

My darkness is
eternally serene
when you sing
me to sleep.

Whenever I hold
my breath, you
and I come together
in a sonic daydream.

Lullaby, lullaby angel,
stay with me,
for I will fear
the night
without you.

There is a
typhoon of
isolation in
agonizing silence.

You are the
sonorous rhythm
my heart follows.

Let us come together.

Whenever I close my eyes,
I will see you eliminate
the blackness of me.

You are music
made for the
gods to listen to.
My angel, I do not
deserve you.

I am your
a human soul,
and you play me
like you are still
in heaven.

You are real,
you are real.
You are danger.

A hurricane will
form within me,
breaking the walls
you built.

In between you
and me are
storms and songs,
drugs and dreams,
and reality itself.

I am not afraid.

Once upon a time,
I was better alone.

I try to convince
myself that you
are all I need, my angel,
but the truth is you are
a nightmare my heart
has grown to love.

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